Code of Conduct

AEGIR-Marine strives for long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, business
contacts, managers and employees. You cannot do this without acting and doing
business with integrity. Therefore it is not surprising that our motto is: “Don’t promise
anything you cannot live up to, but deliver more than you have promised”. We also
act with integrity on the maritime market and with regard to our competitors.
Competition keeps us focused and is good for our customers. That is why we believe
it is important to always do business openly.

That is why this Code of Conduct is a contract with ourselves and with each other.
The rules of conduct are a matter of common sense.

I, as employee of AEGIR-Marine:

  1. shall do everything possible to serve the client optimally.
  2. approach and treat customers, suppliers, competitors, business contacts and colleagues with integrity, respect and professionalism;
  3. protect the (intellectual) ownership of others and of AEGIR-Marine;
  4. am aware that I am an ambassador of AEGIR-Marine and that I proactively contribute to a positive image of my company, anywhere in the world;
  5. respect my fellow men and shall not be prejudiced or make judgements based on appearance, orientation, religion, gender and/or ethnic back ground;
  6. shall adhere to the safety regulations of AEGIR-Marine and in this way create a safe workplace for colleagues, employees of customers and myself, anywhere in the world;
  7. am aware of the policy of AEGIR-Marine in the area of social involvement and sustainability; in my work I shall act in accordance with this policy;
  8. shall give constructive criticism with the purpose of improving the organisation, and shall also consider criticism I receive myself as such;
  9. shall be committed to a harmonious cooperation and therefore I shall focus on connection instead of division;
  10. shall adhere to the law;
  11. shall speak to my colleagues about their behaviour in a positive manner, if this behaviour is not in line with this Code of Conduct.


Ruud Muis en Hans Dekker