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Social responsibility the AEGIR way

AEGIR-Marine firmly believes in helping others. We, therefore, earmark part of our profits for a good cause. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) comittee defined the criteria for the allocation of the available money. 

A project should...

  • involve young people.
  • have a start and an end.
  • be open to more involvement. We want to feel committed.
  • provide a better future.
  • the receiving partner has to join in and put effort into the project too. 

The job we did on the African Mercy shows just how we like to help. We supported this special project by donating parts and reducing our service prices. But we also approached other parties to join in and our staff donated many hours of their leave.

The building of a school in Gambia and the 'De Oude Rijn'-project are also good examples.

Open for new projects

We are always open for new projects. If you have an idea or project that could use our support, please get in touch with us through:
  subject MVO-project

Taking care of the environment

AEGIR believes in doing things the responsible way with care for the environment. We installed a heat pump and use natural light in our workshop as much as possible. We use recycled cleaning cloths, we have a paper-policy, choose for real green electricity and our new building will be equipped with solar panels.

However, the amount of flying hours make our ecological footprint not so pretty. We have, therefore, joined a KLM bio-fuel project. This means we will at least compensate our air miles.