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Exclusive Partners

AEGIR-Marine doesn't like to say 'no' to customers if a question concerns a related activity. If the issue continues to pop up, we want to find a solution.
We then look for a specialist company and start a partnership. This way we can stick to our core business and help our customers at the same time. All partners have their own areas of expertise and, by working together closely, we can provide our customers with the service they need. 


OSA is a maritime company focused on alignment and alignment-related activities. AEGIR-Marine choose this expert company as exclusive partner. Since misalignment means wear on the stern seal installation, we consider alignment as a valuable addition to our services.
Visit the OSA-site.


UPE is a diving company specialized in propulsion repair and maintenance under water. Having UPE as a preferred supplier doesn't mean we exclude other diving companies. We do however, see UPE’s expertise as a valuable addition to our service. Together we offer class approved underwater seal repair.
Visit the UPE-site.