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Our book: The Happy Company

November 2015 AEGIR-Marine published ‘The Happy Company’, a book about how AEGIR has been built. It’s a management book without being one. The book tells the philosophy on which AEGIR-Marine was built and could grow to its present size. As Ruud Muis says:
It’s not rocket science what we do. We just put ourselves continuously in the customer’s shoe. We think about the kind of service we like to get ourselves and give that to our customers. We think in solutions and we are there when they need us. That’s all.’  

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A ship is like a company

As a metaphor for all the different aspects of a company, AEGIR choose a ship.
'It seems so obvious,' Hans Dekker says, 'but strangely enough we only found it after several brainstorms. However it is a good metaphor, since it really fits quite well.'


No management book, no anniversary book

In the book, the philosophy is on transparencies over the day-to-day practise. Photos and interviews illustrate AEGIRs daily work. Comments are not left out simply because, growing as a company, has consequences for everybody involved and AEGIR wants to be honest about that too.
Growing sometimes hurts,’ Martin Visser adds, ‘but that’s no reason not to be open about it. We only want to grow, if we can hold on to the benefits of a small and flexible company.