AEGIR’s successful quest at the SMM exhibition

Oct 2016

Although, the exhibition showed no revolutions, but rather ongoing evolutions, Ruud Muis discovered developments, that have an impact on AEGIR’s business. “We saw a lot of innovations on sustainability and environmental solutions, condition based monitoring, lowering costs and cost of ownership. Developments that have been going on for some years now. Because of the economic situation, the market is currently not in its best shape. Freight rates are under pressure. This was reflected on the SMM exhibition. AEGIR-Marine uses innovations to look for answers regarding serviceability, Total Cost of Ownership and service intervals between repairs. To improve the quality of our service and products even more, we are working closely together with the two top technical universities in Europe.”

On 6 September AEGIR-Marine hosted the Agent Award 2016 dinner, to elect its Agent of the Year. Criteria for this election are revenues, but also “softer” criteria like focus on clients and employees. This year’s winner is Krzysztof Kamiński from Conrex Commercial Agency, Poland, followed by David & Gaby Guillard of Atlantic Propulsion Service in France. Runner up was Pavel Ivanov, our St. Petersburg agent from Russia. Pavel works under the company name AEGIR Marine Russia. View the video-report of the Agent Award 2016 dinner here.

But it wasn’t all work and no play. Ruud Muis, a devoted amateur brewer, took several of his kegs with home-brewed beer to Hamburg, to surprise colleagues, competitors, suppliers and other relations at the fair. Muis: “Also, to show that AEGIR-Marine literally offers ease of mind to its customers, we rolled in a truck with massage chairs. Last year, people were reluctant to take place in one of them. This year, people were lining up for a massage. A great way to relax after a day of strolling around at the exhibition venue.”

Els Roeterink, office manager AEGIR-Marine: “It’s a big international event, and that’s the great thing about SMM. Everybody is here, it’s a very friendly and pleasant environment. Both as exhibitor and visitor I am very enthusiastic. We managed to add numerous relations to our client base. We hope that the customers that came for a chair massage enjoyed our extra service. We liked giving it. Now that we are all back behind our desks we want to thank all the people that visited our booth. Hope to see you again soon and certainly in 2018 at SMM.”