AEGIR-Marine’s R&D Lab: accommodating innovation

Mar 2019

Wijk bij Duurstede, 13 March 2019 – Under the wings of AEGIR-Marine’s head office, the company built its own laboratory. Making accurate measurements, oil compatibility and wear tests on stern tube seals possible. During these tests AEGIR can take into account the pressures inside the stern tube sealing system,circumferential speed and duration of the system’s operational time. This allows AEGIR to predict the lifespan of stern tube seals more precisely, saving ship owners time and money.

“To make the best lifecycle predictions on spare parts, we are researching the chemical behavior and wear behavior of those parts in various circumstances in our own laboratory”, said R&D Manager Roy van den Nieuwendijk. “How do materials behave? How do they interact with oils that are differently composed? Some of these compositions are available on the market, some are purpose made for tests. In our lab we can test products optimally before developing them. For our research we are working together with two PhD student, multiple universities and company’s within the marine industry, to get the best result possible.”

An innovative approach on system behavior, lubricants and materials, has become more urgent over the past few years since North America introduced the Vessel General Permit (VGP) on Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL’s) and the EU launched plans to introduce an ecolabel for ships. Roy van den Nieuwendijk: “But besides these new regulations, the maritime industry has become more and more aware of the necessity to reduce its footprint. That goes for lubricants used in propulsion systems, but also for minimizing propulsion friction, which allows ship owners to save on fuel and CO2emission. This has intensified the search for frictionless, wear-free propulsion systems. A holy grail combining the best of three worlds: a longer lifespan of propulsion systems and spare parts, less environmental impact and complying with the latest regulations. In that search, AEGIR-Marine wants to play a major role.”

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