AEGIR-Marine adds stabilizer repair to its service package

Apr 2017

AEGIR-Marine adds stabilizer repair services to its portfolio of independent maritime services. In February 2017 we reinforced our team with a specialist in stabilizers. The expansion of our service portfolio is part of our long term growth strategy. Now we are able to offer ship owners and ship managers a one-stop-shop overhaul service.

Martin Visser, Service Director AEGIR-Marine Group: "AEGIR-Marine adds its stabilizer repair service on frequent request by our existing clients in the cruise, navy and ferry industry. In our contacts we notice that ship-owners could do without the hassle of coordinating several parties to repair their ships. Ship-owners want to focus on their core business transporting cargo and they need strategic partners to maintain their vessels. In a time of ruthless competition, ship owners are constantly looking for ways to improve this. And in this quest AEGIR-Marine is standing side-by-side with its clients.”

Of all the stabilizers, 99 percent are applied in navy and cruise ships and ferries. In cruise ships and ferries to prevent passengers from becoming sea sick. Navy vessels have to be swift and agile and are therefore sensitive for rolling. Which adds to the risk of the ship heeling over. Stabilizers are mounted to damp this undesired movement. AEGIR-Marine is strongly represented in this part of the maritime industry. Therefore, by the end of 2017 we aim to have trained two more employees in this field, to form a team of three stabilizer experts.

AEGIR-Marine is in a growing mood. This Summer will considerably expand our in-house repair capacity for ship components, such aw thrusters and populsion systems.