AEGIR-Marine in the land of the rising sun

Apr 2017

AEGIR-Marine will attend the BARI-SHIP2017 fair in Imabari, Japan from 25 May - 27 May 2017. Imabari is situated on the smallest of the four Japanese islands, just South of Honshu. The city is the very center of Japan’s maritime industry. One-third of the annual commercial Japanese tonnage is built here. Imabari also hosts an extensive marine equipment manufacturing industry.

AEGIR-Marine’s co-owner Hans Dekker: “Although, a relative small exhibition, Imabari attracts many of our existing customers. We are looking forward to meet them there. AEGIR-Marine already has a customer base in Japan, and this fair will offer the opportunity to strengthen our relationships, but also to meet new prospects. Japan is a market where most ship owners outsource their maintenance, offering great opportunities for AEGIR-Marine.”

A double delegation from the office in the Netherlands and Singapore will representing AEGIR-Marine in the booth. Dekker: “One of the main themes of BARI-SHIP2017 is environment protection. Something we as AEGIR-Marine have been focusing on for many years. We were among the first companies to supply seals that were adjusted to biodegradable oils. And we have been innovating our products and services ever since. By delivering safe and secure and oil tight air pressure systems, AEGIR is contributing to a sustainable and cleaner environment.”



Date: 25 May - 27 May 2017
City: Imabari
Country: Japan
Venue: Texport Imabari
Themes: Marine IT, Environment Protection, Ocean Development
Booth number: HOL-02

If you would like to meet us at the BARI-SHIP 2017 fair, please let us know by sending an email to: or give us a call: +31 343 432 509.