AEGIR-Marine on Growth

Jun 2020

Marking AEGIR-Marine’s 20 years of doing business, maritime journalist Tom Scott interviewed the company’s owner Ruud Muis. Here, Ruud talks about the secret to success and the importance of building a team of committed experts. Stay tuned – there’s more to come!

You once said that what AEGIR-Marine does “is not rocket science”. If it is so easy, than what sets the company apart?

Ruud: Although the idea sounds simple, execution isn’t. It is not a marketing strategy – it’s a mind-set. It’s about the desire to offer superb customer service and to exceed their expectations. The best example is the plaque that we placed outside our head office. It reads: “Only promise what you can deliver, then deliver more than you promised”. If that is what you can make the customer experience, you understand the AEGIR way of thinking.

AEGIR-Marine has grown a lot in 20 years. How do you define sustainable growth of a company?

Ruud: Growth is not something we defined as a target. It is the result of creating customer preference. Losing focus and forgetting your DNA: avoiding that is my number one focus within AEGIR-Marine.

What does it feel like to have built up a company with six global offices?

Ruud: I didn’t do it myself. It is really the team of talented people, from the service teams, to the colleagues at finance, sales and production, which have made AEGIR a success. The added input from different cultures and backgrounds of the people who work here makes AEGIR an energizing company to work for. That makes all the difference to me.