Complex job on a bow thruster

Jul 2016

In Denmark Propulsion Service had to inspect and overhaul a bow thruster. 
First we dismantled the thruster for transport to the workshop. During the inspection we found water inside the thruster’s housing, this meant stripping down the whole thruster. 
We then found a broken sliding shoe and many scratches on the blades feet and crank disks. Things we wouldn't have seen without stripping the unit.
After measuring and verification, all crank pin rings and the blade feet’s working surface were machined according drawing. 

We also installed a new bushing and checked the alignment before installing new housing seals.

Machined Blade Foot  Sea Mullet 4A

The NDT dye check showed no visible cracks and so the hub has been remounted and the overhauled bow thruster put back in its place in the tunnel. After the unit past all tests we could safely lock the plugs and weld the locking plates.
Sea Mullet 5  Sea Mullet 6

Is there a moral to this job story? Not really, as is often the case: things didn't go as planned, but all in all, it went rather smooth and the ship is well on its way again.

Almost as new!