Five questions for service engineer Richard Banning

Oct 2016

What is your name?
Richard Banning

Tell us about your last job?

Together with my colleagues Anton Fonken and Firman Hidayah I went to Batam, Indonesia. Batam is a small island, just South of Singapore and East of Sumatra. This tropical island has little more than one million inhabitants. AEGIR-Marine was commissioned to service and revise a Rolls-Royce retractable azimuth thruster unit, type UL2001, which was damaged due to grounding. The vessel was docked on the island.

What did the job entail?
This type of retractable thruster of Rolls-Royce is very special. The vessel does not only steer and move thanks to this thruster, it is also fully retractable. The ship has six of them, one we had to overhaul. Meaning, remove and disassemble it, renew the inner works and then place it back under the vessel. This sounds easy, but in total this is about four weeks hard work. And during those four weeks, the ship cannot be used.

What was special about the job?
In more than one aspect, this was a demanding job. We had less time than originally planned, which meant that we had to make long hours. In the Netherlands or England this is easier than in Batam. The climate, with its high temperatures and humidity, forms an additional challenge. Despite the climate, we manged to replace the overhauled thruster in just three days. Whereas, we needed a full week to remove the thruster from the vessel.

How did you manage?
Teamwork. With Anton Fonken and Firman Hidayah we form a very close team. Also, the service coordinators in our office in the Netherlands were crucial to the success of this job. Just as the yard crew in Batam. They all worked very hard to make this job a success.

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