Five questions for the service engineer

Nov 2016

How long have you been working for AEGIR-Marine?
I’ve been working here for 3,5 years now.

What is the project you are currently working on?
I’ve been to Malta to install a PRIMAIR seal system on a vessel that is just five years old. A few years ago, the revised Vessel General Permit (VGP) issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have come into force. Forcing all ships in US waters to apply biodegradable oil (EAL) for their propulsion system. Not every propeller shaft seal is EAL resistant, so we convert them into a PRIMAIR system.

What is special about this project?
This was my first independent PRIMAIR retrofit. Earlier this year I assisted on the conversion of a sister ship of this Maltese vessel. A great learning experience. I also prepared myself using photographs and technical drawings and discussed issues with the technical department in Wijk bij Duurstede.

How big was the challenge?
It was hard work as we were on a tight schedule. The initial plan was to drydock the vessel for eleven days, but that was shortened to ten days. Also, the team on board was pretty small. We worked long hours, but eventually delivered the PRIMAIR retrofit neatly as planned.

Sure. The system works well and is installed without problems. Meanwhile, the ship set course to Venezuela.