Iranimex 2016: opening new markets

Oct 2016

AEGIR-Marine will present itself for the second time at the Iran International Maritime Industries Exhibition (IRANIMEX). The exhibition will take place from 18 to 21 October 2016 on the Iranian island Kish. This is the only professional maritime exhibition in Iran. AEGIR-Marine combined forces with Europort in the Netherlands Maritime Technology pavilion. The Holland Pavilion covers an area of some 240 square meters.

Anton Pramatarov, Area Sales Manager EMEA, explains why AEGIR-Marine is eager to present itself at IRANIMEX: “Iran has been a no go area for companies for many years. Still, with its 81 million inhabitants and large vessel fleet, especially crude oil vessels, harbors and shipyards it has a high economic potential. Iran is ready to invest about 120 billion euro in its existing and new merchant fleet. IRANIMEX opens the door to this potential. And AEGIR-Marine wants to take part in that action.”

The UN Security Council and the European Union (EU) imposed sanctions on Iran for the first time in 1979. With the suspension of sanctions against this country, doors opened again after a long time for European companies. IRANIMEX will take place for the 18th time this year. And this is not your average maritime exhibition, in 2015 the exhibition area covered no less than 14,000 m2 and there were about 200 exhibitors. Annually, Kish is also the scene of the fourth largest international trade fair for crude oil.

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Overdue maintenance

"As a result of years of isolation, there is a huge demand for expertise, equipment for all vessels in operation in Iran”, according to Pramatarov. “Following the embargo and economic situation in Iran, there is much overdue maintenance on ships. Our aim is to closely collaborate with the main five maritime companies in Iran, to tackle that maintenance.”

Traditionally, the reputation of the Netherlands in Iran is good. However, the international competition is highly dynamic. Pramatarov emphasizes that it is important to seize the first possible opportunities that IRANIMEX offers, because relationships and loyalty are important pillars in the Iranian business community. Therefore, in 2015 AEGIR-Marine already was present at IRANIMEX. During the exhibition they introduced AEGIR-Marine to the Iranian market. The year following the exhibition, Anton Pramatarov and Hans Dekker visited the companies of their new Iranian relations and potential customers.

Powerful story
Pramatarov: “So, it will be our second IRANIMEX. The first time we merely introduced ourselves. This time we will be present with a fully equipped booth. In September our Iranian relations contacted us during the SMM exhibition in Hamburg. This proves that there is a mutual interest. And we hope to meet them again during the next IRANIMEX. In this way we put the message through that we are serious about this market and that we are a trustworthy partner. As you can see, pioneering is in our DNA. But then again, AEGIR-Marine has, with its expertise and brand independent products and services, a very powerful story for this new market."