On the job: Peter Versteeg

Apr 2017

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Peter Versteeg is an experienced stern seal engineer, and one of our engineers who is specialized in installing Primair Systems. He told us about a service job he was proud of, which he worked on together with Danny Haverlag.

Where did you travel to, and what kind of service job was it?
This was in Bremerhaven, Germany. A vessel was docked in this port, and AEGIR-Marine was asked to retrofit an existing air seal system to our certified AEGIR Primair system.

How did you go about it?
Together with my colleague engineer Danny, we loaded all the components on a truck and drove from our headquarters in Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands to the dock in Northern Germany. A 4 plus hour drive. The parts were checked at the yard and then transported to the dock. The plan was to mount the spare parts that same evening. Retrofitting the vessel went very smooth and by the end of the evening the stern tube was installed.

Well, the next morning, while people at the yard were busy lifting the propeller, our engineers went back to inspect the piping controlling the Primair system. It was a fairly new built vessel. At the yard, the super-intendent mentioned that the vessel had problems with its propulsion system from the moment the vessel was launched. Nobody could find the cause. When we took a closer look at the piping of the vessel, we noticed that two pipes were switched. As a result, they had never functioned the way they should. The super-intendent asked us to switch the piping and test the propulsion system.

Does this happen a lot?
We never experienced this before. But the super intendent mentioned that there are some sister vessels that have exactly the same problems as this one. Now that we managed to surface the problem, the ship owner asked us to be available on call. When they will dock more ships, our engineering team will check them on the same piping problem. This ship in Bremerhaven works like it should and like it never had.