On the job

Dec 2016

AEGIR-Marine was asked to service a cruise vessel which was planned to dock in Cadiz, Spain. The job included the overhaul of three thrusters (2 in the bow and 1 in the stern) and the exchange of the seal rings of the aft and forward stern tubes on both propeller shafts, A nice job of course, on a very well maintained vessel.

The tunnel thruster job went smoothly, with two engineers working on all units. However, we received the request from the customer if we could round up the work two days earlier, which turned the regular job into a challenge after all. We decided to send two additional engineers to the vessel so we could work in day and night shifts.

Because the vessel has Built-up propellers, which are time consuming to remove, we delivered fully-split liners and housing parts for the AFT seal boxes. The liners were still in good condition as it seemed, but we had to replace the housing parts. The limited amount of time also applied for the stern seal team, which received help from an extra AEGIR engineer who just finished another job in Cadiz and went to this project to help. Thanks to the hard work of the engineers, we managed to complete the job within the desired time.

Also a good looking vessel provides a nice background for some on the job pictures: