Powered by green energy

Oct 2016

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Powered by green energy

AEGIR-Marine is way ahead when it comes to sustainability. And, we are working hard to reduce our ecological footprint even more. Our existing office is very sustainable, our new office will be even more sustainable.

AEGIR is a fast growing company. Since we started in 2000, our company has grown to 70 employees in the Netherlands, and 104 worldwide. That’s why we are building an additional, even more sustainable office next to our current office in Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands. And it is taking shape at a tremendous pace.

As always, we at AEGIR-Marine are doing things differently. More sustainable in this case. The roof in our existing office has roof lights equipped with sun trackers, to optimally leverage natural sun light. So, we provide our workshop with as much daylight as possible. Also AEGIR installed a heat pump to heat and cool our office. And all this powered by pure, green energy.

A new even greener office
In our new office, we are taking things a step further. As far as sustainability is concerned. Yes it will be equipped with the same roof lights and sun trackers. Yes it will have heat pumps. The green energy however, will be even greener, as we will provide our office with solar panels. Besides this our employees use recycled cleaning cloths and we have a paper policy, to reduce the volume of printing paper. Our staff, as part of their work, have to make a considerable amount of flying hours. To reduce that ecological footprint, we joined the KLM biofuel project. This means that we will at least compensate all of our own air miles.