PRIMAIR & Propulsion Service in Spain

Mar 2016

Ferrol-Spain   We have just finished a job in Ferrol. The shipowner had decided on a PRIMAIR installation. Always an interesting choice since it's very cost-efficient taking the VGP-law into account.

For this specific ship Engineering foresaw some extra work. Both the 18 ton propeller, the 15m tailshaft, the bearings and the rudder had to be dismounted. It had to be done in order to be able to install oil and air tubes that lead from the engineroom to the sealbox. 
All in all a challenging and interesting job that took no more than 12 days all together.

Ferrol Primair Mrt16 7 (1)   Ferrol Primair Mrt16 8

While Seal Service was busy in the engineroom, our Propulsion Service was overhauling both the stern and bow thruster.