Special job: Underwater

Nov 2016

AEGIR-Marine received a call from Underwater Propulsion Engineers (UPE), our underwater diving partner. UPE came up with an emergency job on which they needed our assistance. A loaded car carrier in Panama was losing oil through the stern tube. Because the vessel was loaded, it could not be docked. Also trimming, removing or shifting the cargo weight of the ship, was impossible. As the leakage was sustainable, underwater repair was the best solution.

Last Friday, our seal specialists, Mitch and Richard, arrived in Panama and teamed up with the UPE diving team. At that time the rope guard had already been removed, this protects the stern tube seal against mechanical damage when a rope disables the propeller. At the same time preparations for installing the UPE MobDock (mobile mini dry dock)) were made. As underwater leakage has to be repaired in a dry environment. Mitch and Richard prepared all the spare parts and tools needed for the job. They all slept on board, to be able to start as early as possible the following morning.

The actual underwater part of the job was done by the UPE engineers. They have been trained and certified for bonding AEGIR-Marine seals. The AEGIR engineers monitored the job closely, using an audio and video connection with the divers. Everything went according to plan. At the end of the day, final quality checks were performed to guarantee a successful service intervention. The vessel was then ready to be put back into operation. The UPE-AEGIR team headed home after a smooth job with a minimum of downtime. With yet another satisfied customer.