The thruster jobs continues

Aug 2016

Palermo - Italy  

While we are working on the huge thruster in the Netherlands (see earlier post), the pipe-laying vessel it belongs to docked in Palermo-Italy. As we mentioned before the spare thruster at the workshop in Wijk bij Duurstede is just one of 11 thrusters that belong to this vessel. The one in the workshop is the spare one.
By now the other ten thrusters have been removed in Sicily for overhaul and inspection, but that wasn't quite as simple as it sounds.

Dok Palermo (1)  Removing Thrusters

The vessel could not dock with the thrusters mounted. They, therefore, had to be removed on forehand by divers. You can imagine the work!
For propulsion service the job consists of inspection of the bearings & bearing clearances, back lash and running pattern, replacement of seals and liners and visual inspection of the complete unit. When possible we will use an endoscope.

In order to renew the liners we have to remove the propellers first. This is done with a mounted nozzle with the propeller in a face-down position. Not the easiest way, but the only way. So now, when you would be walking on this Sicilian quay, this would be your view:

View On The Quay