Two brand new spare blades

Apr 2016
Propulsion Service was asked to deliver two spare propeller blades. No problem for our casting specialists. However there was no specific design data available. No production drawings, no measurements. We had to go by the blades of the propeller itself.

During a short regular dry-docking interval the customer gave AMPS the opportunity to take one of the blades of the hub. So we dismounted the blade and made several 3D scans. Of the blades, but also of the blade carriers' top. We do so to make sure that blade carrier and blade bottom will fit perfectly on one and another. This way we can also double check the blade bolt positions as well as the fitting dowel location.Scannen Van De Bladvoettop  Modellen Voor Gietmal

This 3D scanning provides a 3D model wich can be used to create the final casting mold. Further more the obtained data is used for the production of 2D cad files (drawings), which can be used for classification approval when needed.

The new drawings led to molds for the blades which led to newly casted blades. On arrival in our workshop the blades were machined to the exact proportions. 
Right now the blades are ready to be dispatched.