CPP Parts

AEGIR-Marine has CPP-parts such as:

  • blade foot exchange sets
  • overhaul sets for OD-boxes
  • and custom made parts.

You can order complete sets, or just O-rings, sealing rings, guiding bushes or small parts. We have suitable parts in stock. 
If your installation (or parts of your installation) is in one of our workshops for repair or maintenance, we can -generally- provide new parts ourselves.

We can also provide parts especiailly made for your installation, whether it concerns blade foot carriers, bolts or other parts. Check Castings or call us and we will do everything we can to help you.

We produce exclusively in Europe and our product range is expanding constantly. 

If you are interested in our CPP-parts, contact us.
e-mail: info@aegirmarine.com/strong>
call: +31 343 432 509 ask for Propulsion Service Internal Sales 


Click the images below for more information.

Blade foot exchange set

This blade foot exchange set is suitable for Wärtsilä/Lips C, D, L and VBS hubs.
The set contains

  • seal rings
  • strips
  • blade bolt O-rings.

This set comes in all standard sizes. The blade bolt O-rings are always 90 shore. The blade foot  O-rings come in Viton and NBR.


Standard overhaul set

This standard overhaul set consists of

  • blade foot O-rings
  • strips
  • blade bolt O-rings
  • piston and rod seal rings
  • set screws 
  • Dubo retaining rings
  • piston ring with clip.

It's suitable for Wärtsilä/Lips installations. You can either order the complete set or the required parts.  

You can obtain the complete set of spares. 
Piston and rod seals are made of PTFE. The blade foot O-rings are always 90 shore and available in Viton and NBR.

All standard sizes are available.




Standard overhaul set VL-type

This overhaul set for oil supply unit is suitable for Wärtsilä type VL.

This set contains:

  • O-rings 
  • oil seals 
  • plugs 
  • bolts 
  • sealing rings 
  • guiding bush 
  • bonded seals.

The set contains all parts required for a standard overhaul of the OD-box.
You can either order the complete set or just the parts that you need. 

Sealing rings

Sealing rings are part of a standard overhaul set. However a complete set is not always necessary. That is why you can get the sealing rings separately too.

These sealing rings are suitable for Wärtsilä type VL units.

Sealing rings and guiding bush

This particular guiding bush and sealing rings are only suitable for Wärtsilä type VL units.