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The casting of spare parts

Sometimes there is a need for a special part. Maybe the propeller got damaged and the emergency repair was limited to cropping the blade. Now new blade tips are required. 
Blade carriers can be worn out or sliding blocks show wear. Or maybe the bolts cannot be used again. In cases like this, Propulsion can help you out even when there are no original drawings. Propulsion Service can reproduce parts using reverse engineering*.

Duplicating the original

We go by what we do have and from there we measure, scan and produce a new drawing, followed by a basic model. This will be adjusted until it is a perfect fit.
Once we have an approved new drawing, we can cast the new spare ourselves. It goes without saying that all of this can be done under class.

Reverse engineering means that a shipowner is no longer dependent on the OEM. 



*Reverse engineering is the process of extracting knowledge or design information from anything man-made.The process involves disassembling something and analyzing its components and workings in detail.