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After requests from our customers, AEGIR-Marine began providing service and spares for propulsion control systems five years ago. Two years ago, the decision was made to provide these services in-house and AEGIR-Marine PRIME Controls Department was founded. Within this department, we have highly trained engineers with experience and knowledge among all major manufacturers. Utilizing these skills, we are able to perform service on nearly all types of Propulsion con­trol systems. AEGIR-Marine Controls department is able to offer:

  • Pre-dock inspection
  • After Dry-dock adjustment and fine tuning
  • Adjustment of Propulsion system settings during Sea trial
  • Customer support during FMEA proven trials
  • Onboard Fault Finding
  • Remote Assistance


We enable automation engineering applications with our flexible and open automation platform. The system is built on recognised industrial standards together with synchronized hardware and software components making it suitable for basic and complex applications:

  • Alarm, monitoring and control systems (AMCS)
  • Alarm extension system/duty alarm system
  • Propulsion control systems for ship propulsion
  • Emergency order telegraph systems

We will be happy to help you with any Controls issue that you run into.

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