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Blade & propeller repair

A damaged propeller blade needs repair. A well thought-out and thorough repair, that is. Cropping damaged parts is an option but, at best, only a temporary solution. In time damaged blades will damage the delicate and well-balanced propulsion system. Besides, a damaged or fouled blade causes efficiency loss and will increase fuel costs. Either way, repair is always the efficient choice.

In-house or in situ

FPP will mostly take place afloat or at the shipyard. CPP units and bow thruster blades can be repaired afloat, but repairs at the shipyard or in-house are a more convenient option.
AEGIR Propulsion Service offers all options:

Afloat we work with qualified and experienced diving companies.
At the shipyard (basically anywhere)our propeller expert will carry out or supervise the work.
In-housein our fully equipped workshop an excellent propeller repair team will carry out the repair supported by a hydrodynamic engineer.

Repair under class

All repair procedures are set up in close partnership with the classification society and are followed by detailed reports.