Stabilizer Repair

The ship’s fins: complex components
To guarantee a stable sea state behavior of a vessel, stabilizers are mounted on both port and starboard; like fins. These stabilizers, some as wide as 35 feet, are placed below the waterline. Some ships have even four stabilizers. This hydraulic component is one of the most complex parts of a vessel. To make a ship sail steady, things like roll period, kinetics, wind, waves and speed are taken into account for the settings and design of a stabilizer.

AEGIR-Marine’s steady solutions
The maintenance and repair of such complex components as stabilizers, demand skilled experts. AEGIR-Marine offers those experts. They will go an extra mile and only settle for the best service quality. AEGIR-Marine’s stabilizer engineers are aware of the positive impact of proper working stabilizers on your business and the safety and comfort of your customers.

What can AEGIR-Marine do for you?
• Onboard inspection and service of stabilizers
• Remote support by email and/or phone
• On-site repair and maintenance of stabilizer hydraulics
• Replacement of seals and other spare parts

• Availability around the clock
• We service now and do the paperwork later
• Class approved service procedures
• Worldwide network
• Detailed service reports

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