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Propulsion repair,
afloat or underwater

Sometimes there's just no time for docking. The schedule only provides a very limited period of time. In those cases, Propulsion Service offers afloat or underwater repairs. 
We have selected some highly experienced diving companies and combine their knowledge of diving with our knowledge of propulsion systems. UPE is one of our preferred suppliers.

Blade repair afloat

Propulsion Service does not just crop the blades.
If there is no time for extensive repairs, we try to repair the damage in a sensible way. The repair will be done under supervision of a hydrodynamic engineer, who is part of our team.

Bow thruster repair afloat or in house

If docking is not an option, bow thrusters can be repaired afloat.
In close cooperation with the ship's crew, the ship will be trimmed in such a way that the bow thruster is reachable from the surface.

If this is not an option either or if the repair will take up too much time, we will disassemble the bow thruster with the ship in trimmed position. We will then blind the thruster tunnel and take the unit to the workshop. All the repairs will be done in-house. Once the bow thruster is ready, we will replace the bow thruster afloat when convenient: this is mostly done during unloading/loading.

Underwater or afloat repair save you downtime and the cost of docking.