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Retrofit by AEGIR

Each and every ship is unique and, therefore, requires a unique solution. Customizing is necessary. When working on a retrofit, AEGIR does not just look at what is possible technically, but also takes your preferences and budget into consideration. We advice, you decide.

Being a make-independent supplier, we can supply the components that best match your vessel. We can deliver seal systems suitable as a replacement for all major makes and types.

Our retrofits

We never just renew everything. We try to be efficient. What can be reused, will be reused. And even though PRIME Seals are appropriate and can easily be installed, we will not insist that you use them. If they are not suitable, we will try and find one that is.
We produce retrofits suitable as a replacement for all major propulsion systems. We can provide each seal with a class certificate.

The best solution for your vessel, that is the bottom line. Read our leaflet on retrofits.

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