Stern seal renewal

Stern seals are a small, but vital part of the propulsion system. AEGIR's seal service is fully focused on servicing this specific part. We know as no other, that service just has to be done right. After all, even a small leak can sink a big ship.

Highly trained specialists

AEGIR's seal service engineers are specifically trained in vulcanizing seal rings regardless make or type. The engineers will come to your vessel at the agreed time and place. They will carry out the repair professionally in an efficient way. When necessary our seal service engineers will provide you with clear technical advice.

AEGIR gives you one year warranty on both seals and service.

VGPs, EALs and new stern tube seals

The introduction of the VGP by the United States means that all ships entering American waters are obliged to only use biodegradable oils for their propulsion system.
This may cause a problem, since not every stern tube seal has the resistance needed to perform under the influence of the chemicals in these lubricants. PRIME Seals, however, do. We use Viton with a high-resistance to chemicals.

There is no reason to switch
to a new, more expensive seal.

Anticipating on the VGP AEGIR has concluded a partnership with RSC Bio Solutions, a very reliable EAL manufacturer.
In case you have chosen for a different EAL-manufacturer, check here our list of EALs approved by AEGIR.

Read our white paper on VGP and EALS.