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Underwater Repair

A leaking seal never comes at a convenient time. Due to tight schedules docking is most of the times not an option. In these cases AEGIR-Marine offers a proven and timesaving option: underwater repair.

AEGIR has combined its knowledge of shaft seals with the expertise of certified diver-engineers specialized in propulsion. Our preferred diving company is Underwater Propulsion Engineers (UPE).

Together we have developed a unique and highly efficient repair technique. The only class-approved underwater repair method in the world!

Underwater habitat

UPE and AEGIR have also developed a portable underwater habitat Sealdock.
In this ’tent’ -that we actually take with us wherever we go -we can remove and install a seal in a dry environment. It is a proven method that has been executed successfully many times. It saves you the costs of docking and enables you to carry on according to plan.

If you are urgently in need of stern seal repair, but there is no time to dock,
you are welcome to call us: +31 343 432 509.