How we work

Whatever branch of the maritime industry you work in; downtime costs money. That is why you deserve only the best service. This is what our service engineers aim to deliver. They are skilled, experienced, reliable and honest. More than that, they will look after your ship as if it was their own.

AEGIR-Marine specialises in:


You plan your ship maintenance for when it suits you best. Or sometimes you need emergency support. We work just as well with scheduled dry-dockings as with an emergency repair.

In dock, floating or underwater? It doesn’t matter to us. We have the knowledge and skills to work on your vessel in any situation. We also have fully equipped and DNV approved workshops for more extensive in-house repairs.


One point of contact

If you have already planned to go into dry-dock, then that is the logical time and place to carry out inspections and maintenance. Our service engineers are multi-skilled. They can work with bow thrusters, stabilizers, controllable pitch propellers and stern tube seals. This gives your vessel superintendent just one point of contact – one lead engineer who coordinates all the work.

“Matching your dry-dock timeframe.” 


The fast alternative to docking

Components can fail without warning. We can carry out on-the-spot floating repairs at the quayside or even while you are at anchor. This will save you an expensive and lengthy docking period.

Working with your crew, and following all applicable safety regulations, our service engineers will ballast the vessel to raise the stern of the ship above the waterline – allowing all work to be done on a scaffolding.

“Working safe and working smart.”





The world’s only class-approved underwater repair method

There’s no time to dock, no time for a floating repair. An underwater repair is the only option open – and AEGIR is here to help. We work with certified diver-engineers from Underwater Propulsion Engineers to create Sealdock, a dry working environment under the waterline.

“Sealdock for urgent repairs – keeping downtime to the minimum.”


Specialist service

If an on-site repair is not possible, we can remove components like (bow) thrusters and propellers for more tailored treatment in our own fully equipped and DNV approved workshop. Our engineers are experienced with all major brand names.

  • Metallurgical repairs (welding, straightening, grinding & polishing)
  • Diameter reduction & trailing edge cutting
  • Hydrodynamic calculations before repair
  • Casting parts
  • 3D scanning/reversed engineering

“Our hydrodynamic engineers coordinate work with the customer and the classification society.”

Make independent seals and propulsion parts

Complementing our maintenance and repair services, we also manufacture our own make-independent parts. Over the years, we have built up an extensive portfolio of products, all developed and engineered by our engineering department.

All our PRIME products are produced exclusively in Western Europe. They are high quality, testing equal or better than OEM parts in TNO and ERT tests.

AEGIR-Marine PRIME products are:

  • Seal parts are always in stock
  • Shipped within the hour
  • High quality
  • Competitively priced
  • Suitable for all major makes
  • TüV-certified (all our products are produced in Europe)
  • Certified by all major classification societies

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