Stern seal services

With more than 20 years of experience, AEGIR-Marine is a true stern seal specialist. We can perform repairs, replacements or retrofits depending on what your vessel needs.

Do you want to ask about pricing? We are open and transparent.

If you need replacement stern seal parts, then our OEM-independent PRIME seals are fully class approved, exclusively produced in Western Europe and always in stock. In case of emergency, we can ship parts to you within one hour – carrying them by hand to your vessel if necessary.


Providing specialist service

Are you planning a stern tube seal overhaul? Then it will pay off to have one of our engineers on site. Why? While shipyards do have experience with these overhauls, an AEGIR-Marine service engineer will provide that extra level of knowledge that is only possible with a specialist.

  • Service support from a dedicated specialist engineer
  • Direct back-up from AEGIR-Marine’s own engineering department
  • Spare parts – our PRIME parts are always in stock.
  • Extended warranty

“Take your overhaul to the next level.”

STERN SEAL retrofits

Made-to-measure system replacement

When you need advice for a stern seal retrofit, AEGIR-Marine is the company to call. After looking at your needs and your budget, we will help you decide on the best solution for your situation. For, example, maybe not every single component needs replacing.

We are an OEM-independent supplier; our PRIME products are suitable for replacing all major propulsion brand names and types. And come with Class certification.

Our retrofit options:

  • Standard stern seal system
  • Standard Secure stern seal system
  • PRIME Blue, a water-lubricated seal system
  • PrimAir Compact, the environmentally friendly alternative (and US Coast Guard complaint)

AEGIR-Marine stern seal retrofits: “We advise, you decide.”


Even a small leak can sink a big ship

Stern seals are a small, but crucial part of a ship’s propulsion system. That is why it is important to maintain seals to the highest standards. Your vessel is in safe hands with AEGIR-Marine’s service engineers. They have the experience to offer clear technical advice and get the job done.

Yes, we produce our own PRIME parts, but our service engineers can work on any type of seal ring, regardless of make or type.

“Our stern seals and service come with a one year warranty.”


The world’s only class-approved underwater repair method

There’s no time to dock, no time for a floating repair. An underwater repair is the only option open – and AEGIR is here to help. We work with certified diver-engineers from Underwater Propulsion Engineers to create Sealdock, a dry working environment under the waterline.

“Sealdock for urgent repairs – keeping downtime to the minimum.”

The Life of A Seal

Repair of Stern tube seals

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