Propulsion services

OEM independent, high-quality propulsion service

Our propulsion engineers are experienced and highly skilled. The fact that we are OEM independent means that we can work on all the major brand names. Our propulsion services include:

THRUSTERS (azimuth, bow & stern)

One call for all your thruster servicing

Bow, stern or azimuth thrusters: Regardless of make or type, our propulsion engineers can perform maintenance, overhauls or repairs in dock, in-house, afloat or submerged. Anything that needs to be done, we can handle: 

  • Blade foot O-rings replacement
  • Shaft seals replacement
  • Top seals replacement
  • Pinion shaft removal
  • Bearings replacement
  • Inspection/overhaul of OD box
  • Quick scan of gear set
  • Blade repair
  • Hub inspection and repair

“Whatever work we are doing, customer focus is number one priority.”


FPP repairs: These mostly take place afloat (with certified diver engineers) or at any shipyard with our propeller expert to carry out or supervise the work.

CPP repairs: Our engineers can inspect, check, maintain and repair any or all of your CPP system. We can work on CPP units afloat, but we can also work at the shipyard or in our own fully equipped workshop if needed. Our expertise includes:

  • Shaft
  • Blades
  • Hub
  • OD-box
  • Coupling
  • Power pack
  • Steering gear

Experts in hydrodynamics

Damaged or fouled propeller blades are inefficient and increase fuel costs. AEGIR-Marine’s craftsmen provide the best solution for your propeller.

“We combine jobs for the most efficient docking possible.”


Steady solutions from AEGIR-Marine

The maintenance and repair of complex components like stabilizers demand skilled experts. You make one call to AEGIR, and those experts will be there to help.

Our stabilizer servicing includes:

  • Onboard inspection and servicing
  • Remote support
  • On-site repair and maintenance of stabilizer hydraulics
  • Replacement of seals and other spare parts

“AEGIR-Marine’s stabilizer servicing: keeping passengers comfortable and safe.”


Vital for any ship

Propulsion control systems are a specialist subject. That’s why we have a department dedicated to providing expert service and advice. Our engineers have experience and knowledge of all the major manufacturers. They can also advise you with any retrofit questions you have.

AEGIR-Marine Controls department provides:

  • Pre-dock inspection
  • After Dry-dock adjustment and fine tuning
  • Sea trial support
  • FMEA trial support
  • Onboard fault finding
  • Remote assistance
  • AMCS Retrofit support

“Without control, your power is worth nothing.”

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