PRIMAIR (Compact): the air regulated seal

  • Stern tube oil physically separated from the sea by an air chamber
  • Cross contamination is not possible
  • Reduces wear on seal ring and liner
  • VGP compliant even when using conventional lubricants
  • Real-time data logging

PRIME Blue, a water-lubricated seal

  • Durable and proven pollution-free seal system for water-lubricated bearings
  • Straightforward installation by your own engineers
  • Can be serviced without docking

PRIME Standard Stern Seal

Three sliding connections between PRIME seal rings and revolving liner

  • All housing parts and liners can be supplied divisible; meaning that there is no need for shaft withdrawal during servicing
  • When grooves appear on the surface of the liner we offer the installation of an extra distance ring (spacer) to extend the liner’s lifetime.
  • Tungsten coating available for extended lifetime

PRIME Secure Stern Seal

All the benefits of our standard stern seal, but with an extra seal for additional peace of mind.

  • Increased lifetime
  • Reduced risk of stern seal leakages

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