Seal Parts

PRIME Seal rings

  • 155 to 1180 mm
  • Unique Viton formula
  • Suitable for all common shaft speeds and vessel draughts
  • Seawater-proof stainless steel and hastelloy springs
  • Are available for all major OEM makes
  • Suitable for both mineral and biodegradable oils

PRIME Liners

  • 155 to 1180 mm
  • High-quality chrome steel to reduce wear
  • Can fit any type of inboard or outboard lip-type seal
  • Available with tungsten wear-resistant coatings upon request

PRIME Spacer rings

  • 155 to 1180 mm
  • For installation between stern tube and aft seal housing
  • Extends the lifetime of a liner
  • Creates a new running track for the sealing rings



Installing a new Spacer ring

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