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Thruster maintenance

Bow thrusters

Propulsion Service offers bow thruster inspection and repair in dock, in-house or afloat depending on the job at hand. Propulsion Service maintains all parts of the bow thruster regardless make or type. Anything that needs to be done, we can do:  

  • blade foot O-rings replacement
  • shaft seals replacement
  • top seals replacement
  • pinion shaft removal
  • bearings replacement
  • inspection/overhaul of the OD box
  • quick scan of the gear set
  • blade repair
  • hub inspection and repair


We offers the same services for thrusters. The job can be done in dock or in-house (IHR). If docking is scheduled and there’s no urgency, dry dock is the most sensible choice. 
If time, spares and facilities are available, Propulsion Service can inspect and do the regular maintenance in dock. 
If there are no or poor facilities, or if the ship’s time schedule doesn’t allow docking, we work onsite. We will do the necessary repairs on-board and, if needed, we will be assisted by underwater propulsion engineers.

If there is a spare thruster at hand, we will install this unit and bring the damaged thruster to our workshop for repair.

Overhauling is always a possibility

We can also offer our customers a complete overhaul. In that case, Propulsion Service will renew all parts that show wear or do not function as they should. 
If the overhaul concerns severe blade damage too, we will have to remove the complete unit and blind the mount hole. The unit will be taken to our in-house repair workshop for metallurgic repair. It will be replaced later. 

An overhaul can also include Controls. We will then perform a function test and provide you with an independent recommendations. Our controls engineer can adjust settings or install a new unit.


*For bow thrusters, we often perform the work afloat during unloading/loading.