AEGIR-Marine is a company that believes in constant innovation. We are always looking forward; looking for ways to improve our service, methods and products. Striving to improve the customer experience.

That’s why we set up our own Research & Development department with state-of-the-art laboratory and research centre. Working in close collaboration with technical universities, our primary R&D goals are to gain in-depth knowledge about our products and their behaviour in real-world situations. We perform dynamic and static test benches, and the latest data analysis software to achieve this.

Our research into the properties and chemical behaviour of stern tube seals, bio-lubricants and other materials allows us to improve existing products while also developing new products.

By researching the optimum performance of any stern tube sealing system, we want to increase the lifespan of our products. Knowing the behaviour of the materials also allows us to predict the lifespan of stern tube seals more precisely, saving ship owners time and money.

We are constantly searching for new systems to meet the future demands of sustainable shipping. This gives our R&D programmes environmental and regulatory relevance. Our work takes into account environmental regulations for the American and EU markets, as well as the maritime industry’s increased awareness of the importance of reducing its environmental footprint. To this end, our R&D has three main ambitions.

  • Longer lifespan of systems and parts
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Compliance with (future) regulations

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