29 Mar 2022

AEGIR-Marine declared World-class Workplace 2022

AEGIR-Marine and Effectory are delighted to announce that AEGIR-Marine has been named World-class Workplace 2022, an excellence-in-employership label awarded on an annual basis to high performing organizations. AEGIR-Marine is an organization where no effort is spared to maintain and increase engagement among current and future employees, with the awarding of this label merely endorsing their commitment.

In order to earn the label of World-class Workplace 2022, AEGIR-Marine first conducted an extensive employee survey. In this survey, employees were asked about their own work engagement and the role that their employer plays in it. The results indicated that the eNPS and employership ratings for AEGIR-Marine are above the benchmark used by Effectory. Jaap Bernsen, HR Manager at AEGIR-Marine, says he is grateful and proud to have received this label: "At AEGIR-Marine, we are not only committed to providing the very best for our clients, but also our own people. As a Dutch organization with employees all over the world, we find it extremely important that everyone feels at home here."

Our own employees' rating

World-class Workplace, formerly known in the Netherlands as ‘Beste Werkgevers (Best Employers)', was first launched 15 years ago, and has since grown to become the Netherlands' largest independent quality mark for excellence-in-employership. World-class Workplaces are rated higher by their own employees than their industry peers, so organizations can only earn this label by receiving a high rating from their own employees. Effectory started identifying and rewarding good employers 15 years ago because they believe that organizations where employees are appreciated perform better. Which means Effectory's benchmarks are based on millions of responses from employees all over the world. The high ranking of AEGIR-Marine has thus been compared with a reliable and very comprehensive dataset.

About AEGIR-Marine

AEGIR-Marine provides service and maintenance for the maritime industry worldwide. Brand-independent service and expertise in the field of stern seals and propulsion systems, driven by research and innovation. With over 165 employees in the Netherlands, Singapore, China, Namibia, the USA, the United Emirates and Panama, the label of 'World-class' is a credit to this global employer. 

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