13 Jun 2024

AEGIR-Marine expands propulsion services to hydraulics

First hydraulic workshop
At the beginning of 2024, AEGIR-Marine’s Dubai office broke new ground by opening the company’s first propulsion hydraulics workshop. The main reason for launching the workshop was to increase the efficiency and scope of ship propulsion service jobs, says AEGIR’s MEA Director Serge Lapré. “We have been working on the mechanical aspects of ship propulsion systems like azimuth and tunnel thrusters, CPPs, and steering machines for a long time now. And what we have noticed over the years, particularly in the older ships, is that the servicing of hydraulic systems often gets overlooked by ship superintendents and technical teams. By setting up this new workshop, we wanted to pay special attention to this subject. What’s more, we can combine the mechanical and the hydraulics aspects into one efficient activity. Being able to reduce ship downtime like this is really special.”

All necessary equipment and knowledge
AEGIR-Marine’s new propulsion hydraulics workshop is a converted 40-foot container which has been kitted out with all the necessary equipment to work on ship propulsion hydraulic systems. This includes a specialised lathe to manufacture and polish components, a hydraulic power pack to carry out pressure tests, an electrical test bench to work on electronic components, a separate clean room, and a three-tonne hoisting facility. “It is a fully fledged workshop: we can do everything in this one container: disassembling, cleaning, overhauling, assembly and testing,” adds Serge.

Because even the best-equipped workshop is useless without expert personnel, Serge is very pleased “to have one of the best hydraulic specialists in the maritime industry working for us as our workshop manager”. This person will be leading all complex hydraulics jobs. “The key is having the knowledge of the settings of all the OEMs in combination with the capability to test and overhaul individual components and complete systems.”


Considering that it doesn’t take the biggest leap of the imagination to imagine replicating a containerised workshop, does AEGIR-Marine have plans to launch similar hydraulics services at any of its other offices around the world? “Let’s wait and see how our clients respond to this first workshop,” smiles Serge. “We now have the know-how so if it’s necessary we can duplicate it for another area.”

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