12 Feb 2019

Built on service

Right from the start (2000), we were clear about one thing: AEGIR-Marine would be a service company with true customer focus. Not because it sounds good, but because that’s what we really want: to put the customer first.

We employ passionate and committed engineers who provide excellent service. The kind of service that is often hard to find, the kind of service we like to get ourselves. When you call us, you will be connected with the right person immediately; a dedicated specialist. No voicemails that will be answered ‘some day’; ONE CALL should do it.

Bow thruster Azimuth thruster
Repair, maintenance or a complete overhaul. Including metallurgic repair.

Repair or renewal of the sprint unit or parts of it. In house or in-situ.

AEGIR-Marine does things differently
We operate independently from OEMs and keep a well-stocked warehouse. Any PRIME Part can be shipped within the hour to avoid lengthy delivery times. If that is what it takes, then that is what we will do. And we will do it with a smile because that is the way we do business.

→ Stern tube seal service
→ Propulsion service: CPP - FPP -(bow) thrusters - IHR
→ PRIME® Parts
→ Stabilizer repairs
→ Controls
→ Underwater repairs
→ Alignment

The things AEGIR-Marine can do for you
We offer a complete set of services for your propulsion installation. You can call us for single jobs such as stern seal renewal, blade repair, bow thruster maintenance. You can also ask us for turnkey projects and leave the whole job to us. You can trust us to deliver the service you deserve. It just takes ONE CALL to get the job done.

Repair or renewal of the stabilizer’s seals and overhaul.

Stern tube seals
We offer AFT and FWD seals suitable for all major installations. We also provide complete custommade retrofits. This includes underwater repairs.

Repair, maintenance and overhaul of the hub and blade foot components. We also offer shaft withdrawal, metallurgic repair and underwater emergency repair. All repairs are done to class requirements when needed.

Committed and responsible
Opting for true commitment means making the right choices. We do not only care about our customers, we also care for our employees and the world we live in.

We try to do things in a responsible manner. Our office building uses geothermal energy, our electricity supply is green and we compensate for our carbon footprint (due to flying worldwide) with durability projects. We believe in a happy worker and encourage our employees to develop themselves and offer them profitsharing options. We sponsor local projects and a historical long boat together with its crew.

We have a CSR committee that recommends projects we should support, be it training for young people, a school in Gambia or a hospital ship. For us, being in business is about more than just making a profit.

The rules we live by
→ We are open and transparent; you can ask us - almost - anything.
→ Only the best quality is good enough for you.
→ We are OEM independent and our knowledge is extensive. We can service any make or type.
→ Our prices are fair and there are no hidden extras or charges.
→ We operate worldwide, but produce exclusively in Western Europe.


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