12 Feb 2019

Control systems

An essential part of any propulsion installation is the human interaction with the propulsion line. It optimizes the vessel’s operation and safeguards all the controlled components by keeping the equipment within design specifications. A system with this level of complexity and importance needs a competent service provider to maintain the system today and in the future.

Control systems: complex and complicated
The control systems have to operate in a hot, humid and dusty environment where vibrations are a given. Moreover, they become more and more complex, and are subject to constant innovation. Control systems have to be maintained and realigned on a regular basis to optimize the performance of the ship. Our knowledge of most OEMs enables us to provide fast and reliable service. We as AEGIR-Marine believe that systems can be operated reliable even if certain components have become obsolete. We achieve this by offering a wide variety of additional solutions and repair methods to keep a system up to the task.

AEGIR-Marine’s cost-effective proposition
When problems occur, AEGIR-Marine’s specialists have the knowledge, experience and tools to check, maintain and repair your control systems. Working together with crew, suppliers and owners we will search for the root cause of the problem and assist in an optimal solution. This can be done by offering guided troubleshooting on a system by phone or email. Or by a site visit onboard for an in-depth investigation, maintenance and repair. This can be as simple as a calibration, repair or replacement of parts or more in dept by component level PCB repairs.

Your time, your money
AEGIR-Marine knows that time is money. Therefore, we aim to prevent problems as much as possible. We do this by looking at a system as a whole every time we see the system. We do this to prevent down time in the future, this can be a small rectification or replacing wear items before the system starts showing errors.

The advantages for you:

→ Save on fuel consumption
→ Save on maintenance
→ Reduce downtime
→ Reduce environmental footprint
→ Cost-effective remote maintenance and repair
→ No unnecessary replacement of hardware
→ On-site maintenance and repair in AEGIR-Marine’s own state-of-the- art repair shop
→ Own stock of spare parts and control panels
→ Shipping of spare parts within 24 hours

‘No cure, no pay’ repair service
If a component fails it needs replacement, this is normally done by replacing the entire sub-system such as PCBs or control panels. However, it is almost always a single component within this subsystem that has failed. By offering a component level repair service for these types of failures we can create a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. The repair program works on a “No Cure, No Pay” basis, this means that until the repair has been done there are no cost to you as a owner.

What can AEGIR-Marine do for you?

→ Onboard inspection and maintenance of control systems
→ Survey of equipment
→ Represent vessel owner during FMEA and sea-trials
→ Complete retrofit of propulsion or thruster control systems
→ Fault-finding onboard
→ Remote support by email and/or phone
→ On-site or in-house repair and maintenance of print cards and control units
→ Replacement of spare parts and units (retrofit & class-approved)


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