12 Feb 2019

Corporate Responsibility

AEGIR-Marine firmly believes in social responsibility. We’re not alone in this world that we borrow from our children. We think a civilisation is defined by the way we take care of each other and our environment. Therefore, we donate part of our annual profits to charity.

Mercy Ships
Of course we could always consider a project that is somewhat different, like the work we did on the hospital ship Africa Mercy. We supported this very special project by donating parts and reducing our service rates. We also approached other parties to join in and also our staff donated many hours of their leave.


Our CSR criteria
The money AEGIR-Marine earmarks for charity donations is managed by our CSR committee that is composed entirely of staff members. They use the following criteria to decide how the money is allocated. A project should:

→ Involve young people
→ Have a start and an end
→ Be open to more involvement
→ Provide a better future
→ Be collaborative (partnership with the receiving party)

Two of our projects
→ Building a school in Gambia.
→ Repair and maintenance work on the Africa Mercy.


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