12 Feb 2019

Custom-made spares, we do our own engineering

Sometimes there is a need for a special part. Propeller blades get damaged, blade carriers wear out and a specially designed bolt gets stuck. It’s inevitable.

Cases likes these are interesting, challenging and offer us the possibility to combine our knowledge and expertise. A propulsion installation is a delicate and well-balanced system that should be handled with care. We will, therefore, never recommend short-term solutions that can cause long-term damage.

Before we crop a damaged blade, our hydrodynamic engineer makes the necessary calculations to minimise loss of efficiency. The cropping will be done with expert divers and in such a way that the blade can be repaired properly later on.

We are propulsion specialists
We look at your propulsion installation as the experts that we are. We offer you well thought through, long-term solutions. Solutions that might even increase the efficiency of your propulsion system. Especially in case of older systems, a modification can improve the efficiency of your installation and, therefore, lower your costs.

Reconstructing the original
When you need a specific part that is no longer available we can reproduce it for you. Whether you need blade tips, blade carriers, sliding blocks or a shaft, we can fabricate almost anything. We use reverse engineering to reconstruct a drawing. We measure and scan the object. We produce a new drawing, followed by a basic model. We will adjust this model (and the drawings) until it is a perfect fit. Once the new drawing is approved, we produce the new spare part. All of this can be done with class compliance.


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