12 Feb 2019

Exclusive partner: On Site Alignment

Exclusive partner: On Site Alignment
On Site Alignment (OSA) is a maritime company fully focused on and specialized in the alignment, engineering, mounting, in-situ machining and troubleshooting of critical machinery. AEGIR-Marine chose this expert company as exclusive partner. Since misalignment means wear on the stern tube installation, we consider alignment as a valuable addition to our services. OSA is based in Rotterdam (NL), Houma (USA). Tampa (USA), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Singapore.

An example of the cooperation
One of our seal service engineers was renewing stern seals in China when he noticed that the FWD bearing was severely damaged. He made a call to our office in Shanghai. They promptly responded and asked OSA to join in. Their measurements showed alignment problems that caused vibrations and unwanted movements. The damaged bearing being the result. AEGIR and OSA, a fruitful partnership! After the renewal of the bearing, liner and seals, OSA used the Jack-up method to control the load on the crankshaft and bearings. After they aligned everything according to the and class requirements the ship could continue her voyage.

We offer:
When engineers notice signs of misalignment we can call in the experienced alignment experts of OSA immediately.


→ Alignment
→ Chocking & Mounting of machinery
→ In-situ machining
→ Surveying
→ Troubleshooting service
→ Engineering
→ Consultancy in alignment


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