12 Feb 2019

Exclusive partner: Underwater Propulsion Engineers

UPE stands for Underwater Propulsion Engineers and that’s precisely what they are. This Rotterdam based diving company is specialized in propulsion repair and maintenance. AEGIR-Marine chose this experienced diving company as exclusive partner. Of course this doesn’t exclude working with other companies, but UPE’s expertise is a valuable addition to our service.

AEGIR-Marine and UPE offers:
→ A seal bonding procedure approved by all major classification societies
→ Propeller modification, rebalancing, class-approved underwater straightening repairs
→ Emergency cropping
→ Class-approved repair procedures
→ Restraitening with the help of the PACMan (underwater bending machine)
→ Qualified divers trained by AEGIR-Marine for under water seal bonding operations

Underwater habitat
AEGIR-Marine and UPE have developed Sealdock®, an underwater work space for carrying out underwater repairs. We designed this system to be lightweight and portable. It’s easily transportable by our engineers.

The Sealdock® offers a completely dry environment that makes it possible to carry out repairs during cargo operations. It’s a great asset to our services that can save you time and money. An AEGIR-Marine Propulsion Specialist will always be present for supervision as is a hydrodynamic expert if necessary.


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