11 Jun 2020

AEGIR-Marine announces acquisition of Holland Propeller Services

AEGIR-Marine has concluded the comprehensive acquisition of Holland Propeller Services (HPS). The agreement for the takeover was signed today by John and Jacomien Schungel, owners of HPS, and Ruud Muis, owner of AEGIR-Marine.
The AEGIR-Marine management team were also present to celebrate the special moment.

HPS and AEGIR-Marine are both brand independent suppliers of propulsion and stern seal system components. Moreover, the two companies have cemented a respected position over the years as trusted global service providers.

With the takeover of HPS, AEGIR-Marine is significantly extending its service and product range in the field of propulsion. With the addition of the HPS portfolio, AEGIR-Marine will be in a position to offer customers a broader range of services and high quality products.

Another noteworthy aspect of the takeover is that AEGIR-Marine will also guarantee all HPS personnel a position within AEGIR-Marine. This also includes HPS owner John Schungel, who is an authority on the subject of propulsion. John (Senior Propulsion Specialist) will be joining AEGIR-Marine to share his knowledge and experience.

Speaking directly after acquisition agreement signing, John Schungel from HPS said: “Of course we are extremely proud of the work that we have put into building HPS over the last 20 years. However, the time was right for us to make this decision. All of us at HPS are looking forward to an exciting future with AEGIR-Marine.”

Ruud Muis, owner of AEGIR-Marine, said: “We are pleased to welcome the HPS name and team to AEGIR-Marine. As fellow OEM independent specialists, their knowledge of products and service philosophy will be extremely complementary to our company. More importantly, our customers will have access to an increased propulsion portfolio.”



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