12 Feb 2019

PRIME Blue: water-lubricated stern seals and stern tube bearings

AEGIR-Marine offers a durable and reliable seal system. On top of that, it’s proven to be pollution-free. The PRIME Blue stern seal and stern tube bearings have many benefits for vessels with water-lubricated shafts. This type of seal is easy to install and operate. The seal does not wear the propeller shaft sleeve. Maintenance, including changing the seal, can be completed while the vessel is in the water. Seals come standard in a partial split version but are also available as a fully split on request.

Straightforward assembly
The design of the PRIME Blue type seal is very straightforward. It consists of a rubber lip seal rotating with the shaft. The lip seal rotates against a stationary mating ring made of stainless steel. The seal casing is made of cast bronze. An inflatable seal for emergency and maintenance purposes is installed in the housing. Seal assemblies are supplied with one spare seal, which is installed around the shaft, ready for installation. This can often be done without the need for a service engineer.

Competively priced spare parts
Together with the PRIME Blue rubber stern tube bearings, a complete and reliable water-lubricated system can be installed. PRIME Blue bearings are available in straight and flanged types. Spare parts are very competitively priced compared to other water lubricated seals. All PRIME Blue spare are available at short notice.

For retrofit purposes, the PRIME Blue can be supplied with adaptor flanges or in non-standard versions. Class approval for all major classification societies is available.

PRIME Blue seals can be serviced without docking

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