12 Feb 2019

PRIME Parts: make-independent seals and propulsion parts

Knowing exactly what makes a good seal, we started manufacturing them ourselves back in 2004. Our R&D team has come up with the perfect moulds for different seal types. They have also developed the best Viton formula that works with both biodegradable and traditional lubricants.

Exclusively produced in western Europe
Over the years we have developed an extensive product line. When we say that we are the only make-independent producer of high-quality stern tube seals, we aren’t bragging.

Everything in stock
We believe in delivering as fast as possible and therefore we keep all our spares in stock. In fact, none of our customers has ever had to wait for weeks. We truly believe that waiting is unnecessary if stock is properly managed. So that’s what we do.

10 Years of research and testing have led to:
→ Stern tube seals suitable for different makes
→ One seal for both biodegradable and traditional lubricants
→ A pollution-free seal for water-lubricated systems
→ An air-regulated seal
→ Propulsion spares for CPPs & (bow) thrusters
→ Liners suitable for any type of lip-type stern seal

PRIME seal rings
→ 155 to 1180 mm.
→ Are made of a unique Viton formula.
→ Work with all common shaft speeds and vessel drafts.
→ Are executed with springs in seawater-proof stainless steel and hastelloy.
→ Are available for all major OEM makes.
→ Offer one seal for traditional and biodegradable oils.

PRIME liners
→ 155 to 1180 mm.
→ Are made of high-quality chrome steel to reduce wear.
→ Can be machined to fit any type of inboard or outboard lip-type seal.
→ PRIME Liners with extra-large flange suitable for CPPs are available from stock.

PRIME spacer rings
→ 155 to 1180 mm.
→ For installation between the stern tube and aft seal housing.
→ Extend the lifetime of a liner.
→ Reposition the housing and create a new running track for the sealing rings

Anodes, net cutters, seal protection
Our aluminium anodes improve the cathodic protection of the liner. The AEGIR Protection System (APS) prevents the ingress of foreign debris or fishing nets so that seal ring #1 cannot be damaged. Stainless steel net cutters protect the seal assembly against ingress of nets and lines.

PRIME blade foot
We deliver overhaul kits for CPPs, bow- and tunnel thrusters. You can either order the complete kit or just the parts that you need. The PRIME Blade Foot Seal kit is suitable for specific types of hubs only. Please contact our sales department for more information. The set contains seal rings, strips and blade bolt Orings.

PRIME standard overhaul kit
This standard overhaul kit consists of blade foot O-rings, strips, blade bolt O-rings, piston and rod seal rings, O-rings, bolts, set screws, and DUBO retaining rings. This overhaul kit is suitable for specific types of installations only. Please contact our sales department for more information.

PRIME overhaul kit for oil distribution units
This overhaul kit for a standard OD-box overhaul contains O-rings, oil seals, plugs, bolts, sealing rings, guiding bush, and bonded seals. This overhaul set is suitable for certain specific types of OD-box only. Please contact our sales department for more information.

One seal for traditional and biodegradable oils
Right from the start we choose to develop a greener kind of Viton. The rubber of our PRIME seals is highly resistant and works well with both conventional and biodegradable oils. If you already use PRIME seals, rest assured that there is no need to change to another/more expensive seal. All our seals meet the VGP-demands on EALs. AEGIR-Marine co-operates with all major biodegradable oil makers of the world.

Quality guarantee
AEGIR-Marine PRIME Parts stand out for their high and consistent quality. Since we focus only on propulsion parts, we have the knowledge and experience to produce spares that are second to none. We guarantee that every single product has been manually checked several times. We want to be absolutely sure that it’s a perfect fit.

Our PRIME Parts are approved by all major classification societies.


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