08 Jul 2021

Project Case Study: Bow Thruster Overhaul for Stena

AEGIR-Marine started work by removing the bow thrusters from the vessels (one from the Transit, and two from the Transporter) and taking them to their in-house workshop for a comprehensive overhaul.

This work consists of a total disassembly of the bow thruster units followed by precise measurement of all individual components to determine the extent of wear and tear. Any parts found to be outside their range of tolerance were replaced, before reassembly of the units. Selected parts were inspected on existence of cracks by penetrant testing.

Since both vessels were in dock for a predefined period, AEGIR had to meet this concrete deadline. “Delays on a job like this are simply not an option,” says AEGIR-Marine’s Area Sales Manager Tom Faassen. “Therefore, it is important to have good preparation in order to be ready to react to any problems that may arise.”

AEGIR-Marine completed the maintenance and repair work on all three bow thrusters (all Kawasaki KT187B5 models) within the agreed timeframe, returning to the Damen yard to re-install the thrusters on the two vessels.

“Stena is a highly valued client of ours. We are pleased that we could support them once again with the Stena Transit and the Stena Transporter,” adds Tom.


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