12 Feb 2019

Seal Services

We are make independent
Maker independency is a strategic choice. What distinguishes AEGIR-Marine is our in-depth knowledge of stern tubes seals, no matter what type or make. This makes us the best source to service stern tube seals for your entire fleet. In case of seal retrofit, we are not limited to single OEM solutions. We always offer you the most suitable equipment for your vessel.

Not just high quality, the best quality
In stern seal service, only one quality is good enough: the best. Repair of stern seals doesn’t allow second chances. We give our engineers continual training to maintain the highest levels of service in the market. Our unique bonding equipment is innovative and ensures a perfect and problem- free result. 

Some strategic choices 
Ship operations and new building each require their own approach to service. AEGIR-Marine decided from day one to concentrate on service for vessels in operation.

In-situ bonding service
Our AEGIR service engineers are trained to vulcanize seal rings for any make and type of stern tube seal. Regardless of material or location, we offer seal ring re­placement with warranty. Our engineers are capable of executing the repair as well as giving you in-depth technical advice.

Underwater Repairs
Sharing one’s knowledge pays off. That’s why we partner with experienced diving companies. UPE is our preferred diving partner. We combine our know-how of stern seals with their technology for underwater service to provide class-approved underwater seal repairs. Our underwater repairs are your ideal option if there is no dry dock available or when you want to avoid discharging your cargo. We are proud to offer you this proven and economical solution. 

AEGIR continues to invest in the perfection of its tools. We have the smallest possible bonding jigs for any type and size seal ring. We operate with electronically-controlled heating devices and we use precision cutting tools. Through the experience of our engineers, we continue to look for further improvements. By hiring AEGIR-Marine, you will be certain to have all the expertise you need for your stern seal repair.

Although many shipyards claim to have the experience to overhaul stern seals in their workshops, a supervising AEGIR-Marine engineer can be of great help. They have in-depth knowledge of all existing seal types, they know about all the latest developments, and they have direct access to AEGIR’s technical department. All seal systems are tested in the workshop before reassembly. And should you need additional spare parts, an on-site engineer is your direct link to our warehouse. If an AEGIR-Marine engineer is involved, you can expect a job well done!

Afloat repairs
When an unexpected seal failure occurs, docking your vessel may be a very unattractive proposition. Ballasting the vessel over the bow can bring the propellor/seal housing out of the water and thus make afloat repairs possible. AEGIR-Marine can advise you about the required staging and facilities. We are there to assist you at our standard rates.

Service by AEGIR-Marine means:
Availability around the clock
Class-approved service procedures
Constantly-trained engineers
Worldwide network
Detailed service reports
One service source for any stern seal

Worldwide service any time, any place
We want to be where your vessels are. Therefore, we have service offices and stations in the Netherlands, China (Shanghai), Singapore, Namibia, Dubai, Panama and the USA. In this way, we can offer immediate service anytime, anywhere. Our network will expand further.


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