12 Feb 2019

The PRIMAIR Compact

The PRIMAIR® Compact is designed to be installed on existing main propulsion systems and thrusters. It is a pollution-free seal that creates an air chamber that physically separates the (sea)water from the lubrication oil.

This prevents oil coming into contact with the (sea)water. The PRIMAIR® Compact is compatible with most three and four lip seal systems with a monitoring system, and does not require changing of the AFT seal housing.

The PRIMAIR® Compact is an ‘air seal’ system. It has an Air Management Unit (AMU) that creates a constant airflow to maintain an air chamber between the lubrication oil and the (sea)water. The AMU produces variable air pressure that matches the water pressure at the shaft centre line, regardless of the draft of the vessel.

The PRIMAIR® Compact uses an interval to drain any fluid from the AFT seal to maintain the air barrier at all times. Any leaked fluid is forced into the AMU, which can be installed up to six metres above shaft centre line.

When using mineral oil lubricants, the PRIMAIR® Compact is a cost-efficient way to comply with VGP regulations. Furthermore, the condition of the AFT seal can be monitored. All monitoring data are logged on a SD-card.


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